Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Zombied" a fresh take on the Match-3 Game!

A few months back, I started work on a project called Zombied!, a new twist on the traditional Match-3 puzzle game. This popular genre, including titles like Bejeweled and Bubble Witch, has it's roots in what is perhaps the most popular and well-known game - Tetris!

What's so special about Zombied!? Simple - it combines a very addictive game-play mechanic with pop-cultures newest favorite pass time... Shoot Zombies in the Head! With highly successful shows like AMC's The Walking Dead, Zombies have become a household name.

I've posted a Concept Demo of Zombied! online, with some coder art while I continue to work on advancement and leader board integration. It's free to play, and I'd love your feedback on the project. The goal is to have this game released in conjunction with the February 10th return of The Walking Dead.

You'll need to download and Install the Unity Web Player to play the game, which is a small and safe download allowing you to play ANY of the thousands of games built with this powerful engine!

It's a simple mechanic: when three or more of the same colored Zombie Heads are adjacent to each other, left mouse click on one of them to score points - the more that are together, the more points you score. Be careful though... clicking only one head will COST YOU points! If more than three Zombies escape the cemetery gate (by overflowing at the top left or right) YOU'RE ZOMBIE CHOW!


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