Monday, December 10, 2012

Stinky Pixel Entertainment's Action Platformer

Thunderpig: Trials of Grimlock

Newly christened Viking Grimlock of the Thunder Pig clan must avenge his fallen kin, who have been inflicted with illness by the enemies of the Gods and sent to Hel, ensuring they will serve Loki in the final battle of Ragnarok. Can Grimlock prove the intervention of Loki and spare his Clan's dishonor?

"Thunderpig: Trials of Grimlock" is the first in a trilogy of action platformers developed in Unity that follows our hero, Grimlock, through an epic saga of adventure in the nine worlds of Norse Mythology.

Presently under development by Stinky Pixel Entertainment, Thunderpig: Trials of Grimlock is slated for release on Windows PC & Mac, as well as future ports for iOS and Android.

We're also trying to get our hands on a Developer Kit for the upcoming Ouya Console, and would appreciate any retweets you can give us with the #myouyagame tag!

Below are just some of the 3D artwork being that is being put together for the game - Subscriber for more updates, as I'll continue sharing along the development milestones!

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