Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3D First Person Maze Game Under Developement

Stinky Pixel Entertainment is beginning development work on a yet unnamed "Rat Race" Maze game, built in Unity and modeling the maze levels in Blender. Based on the late 80's Maze Game Genre, and using the First Person viewpoint to navigate the complex mazes, Stinky Pixel hopes to blend the frustratingly enjoyable mechanics with an extremely outlandish and funny back story and in-game effects to create an addictive time-suck to keep everyone entertained.

Ten mazes have already been drafted and modeled for inclusion in the testing phase of the program, which is expected to begin in early January 2013.

A release date has not been given, but as this project is being developed as part of the One Game A Month Challenge, it will be released in 2013. Possible platforms include the PC, Mac, and Social Media sites such as Facebook. It is unknown if this game will be ported to mobile devices or console markets.

Below are some early screenshots of the levels created for the game:

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